City Online Ltd. is leading within the top 10 Central Zone ISPs in Bangladesh in terms of Network & number of customers but we are Number ONE in terms of SERVICE.

We have over 3,500 small office & Home users and over 2,000 Corporate customers including Government Offices, National & Multi-National Companies, Embassies & Foreign Missions, International Donor Office & International Financial Organizations, Hotels, Airlines, TELCO, Buying Houses etc. Our firm commitment is to provide the best possible service. It is our goal not only meets your expectations, but to exceed them.

Our Mission is to ensure & provide high level of quality Service with the limited amount of Customers. We don't believe in grabbing lots of customers rather we would like make a long time bondage with our existing customers with high level of satisfaction of unparalleled services. We can assure our Customers that no one (ISP) can match our level of service & caring to our valued Customers. It is a Family with all the Customers & dedicated Personnel of City Online Ltd. We would like to make stronger the bondage with our Customers day by day.

We would like to make a high class Customer Care Department to response within a MINUTE against any complaint & We will close the day with Zero complaint. We will reach to our customer beyond their expectations & we will pro-actively find out any issue regarding Service for EXTRA CARE.

City Online Ltd. will be the BRANDING as High Level of Customer Care.